Beatniks Dance and Tumble Dress Code

Appropriate Dress will be worn at all times in the dance and tumbling studios. Students should bring their dance shoes in a bag and change them in the waiting room. Dance shoes should not ever be worn on the street. A student who is not properly dressed may be asked to sit and observe a class.

Combo Dance Classes: Kindergarten, 1st Grade, Purple
~ leotard, any color and style
~ tights are strongly recommended, but not required
~ black tap shoes with elastic (no ribbons)
~ pink leather ballet shoes (no cloth).

Combo Dance Classes: Green, Orange, Blue, Pink, Yellow
~ pink convertible tights
~ black leotard, any style
~ pink leather ballet shoes, any style
~ tan jazz gore shoe (no ties)
~ black oxford tap shoes (no ties are preferred)
~ Optional: thin ballet skirt, skin tight pants/shorts

Jazz Pom, Advanced Tap, Modern, Team Tech
~ convertible tights and a leotard, any color

~ leotard or bike-a-tard, any color and style
~ Optional: convertible tights, skin tight shorts

Hip Hop- dancers may wear anything that is not too baggy and does not drag the floor.  No two pieces may be worn, or apparel with zippers, hoods, or chains.  Dancers must have white athletic shoes that are ONLY worn in class (not on the street).

Male Dancers and Tumblers- should wear a tight fitting tshirt (no tank tops) with sweat pants or shorts, or jazz pants.

*** Dancers with long hair should have it pulled back and NO jewelry is allowed!

***Check out our supply of used shoes! $10 a pair or trade in for a pair that you’ve outgrown!