Beatniks Dance & Tumbling Policies and Procedures

Your yearly tuition is broken up into 9 equal installments, due September through May. There will be no tuition adjustments for holidays, scheduled breaks, student absences, or early dismissal from a class. NEW THIS YEAR: All tuition will be paid by auto-draft from a checking account, savings account, or credit card on or after the 1st of each month. Yearly tuition may be paid in full with cash or check and is discounted 5%.

There will be a $10 late fee added for any accounts with a past due balance. This includes accounts that are not able to be processed due to insufficient funds or incorrect account information.

Because we have a very low staff to student ratios in our classes, we require a 30 day notice for a student to be dropped from a class.  This assures your student high quality instruction and safe, age and skill appropriate class placements.

Please call the studio if a student will be missing a class or private lesson. Dancers and Tumblers are allowed (but not required) to make up the lesson at another class within one month of the absence. This make up class will be scheduled with the office and class instructor. No refunds or credits will be given for missed classes. Level 5-12 dancers with physical injuries are requested to observe class, as techniques and routines can be learned and reinforced by observation.

Please pick up a calendar at the studio for a yearly schedule of classes. In case of inclement weather, we do our very best to make cancellations that are absolutely necessary to keep our families safe. We will post any class cancelations on our website and send emails to each family at least 3 hours prior to the first class that day. We do try to updated the phone recording and use social media when able. Classes will not be canceled for teacher in-service days, parent teacher conferences, or presidents’ birthdays.

Parents and friends are not allowed in the dance or tumbling studios without an invitation from the instructor. Please help us teach our students to respect our studio spaces by not allowing them to play in them between classes. Parents are welcome to watch their students from the viewing windows in the waiting room, but as most students show a greater level of concentration and awareness when not performing for their parents, we encourage you to limit your viewing.

There will be NO food or drink, other than water, allowed in the studio rooms- No Exceptions! Our younger students are taken to the water fountain for a drink once during each class. Older students should have a water bottle with them for each class.       Food and drink should be kept in the lobby and disposed of properly in trashcans.

Please do not leave young children unsupervised in the lobby or parking lot.  Children and students will not be allowed to run around in the lobby, and MUST be supervised at all time!       With all the traffic through the lobby each day, it is for everyone’s safety that the lobby remain a calm and safe environment. You are welcome to leave during your student’s class time, but please wait with your young students (those under 10 years of age) until class begins and be in the lobby when it dismisses. Older students should not be dropped off or picked up more than 15 minutes before or after class begins or ends. For the safety of your children, students will not be allowed to wait outside the building.