Advice for Dancers, From Dancers

Anytime we start something new, whether it’s a new fitness routine, a new recipe, or a new class, we are often hesitant. Anxious. Scared. Scared of failure. Scared of the unknown. Scared simply to start! As our little dancers begin their new year of dance, I would assume they have similar fears. Fears of fitting in, of succeeding, of liking it. Here is some advice for dancers, from dancers. Maybe these nuggets of wisdom will help your dance set their fear on the self, and go for it!

1. Try not to bring a bad attitude to dance class. This is a happy, safe place. – Anna, 14

2. Always tell the teacher thank you after class. – Joanna, 11

3. Don’t be afraid. Even if it is your first dance class, no one will judge you. Everyone started somewhere! Just do your best. – Leven, 14

4. Be yourself! :) – Kaitlynn, 16

5. Always practice at home, and bring a water bottle! – Jessica, 11

6. Make friends, you’ll be more comfortable. – Grace, 12

7. Get out of your comfort zone and try something that will push you to be better. – Cali, 13

8. Take time to appreciate and enjoy the class for yourself. – Halle, 16

9. Come to dance with a good mind set, and include everyone. – Joanna, 11

10. Stretch a little before you come into class.- Grace, 12

11. Try your best. Even though you might be ahead or behind of others, work your hardest and focus on you. – Cali, 13

12. Don’t give your teachers too much ‘tude. – Kaitlynn, 16

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