3 Tip To Prepare Yourself For Recital

It’s officially recital season! This is Beatniks’ favorite time of year! It’s the culmination of hard work, hours of rehearsals, sore bodies, and great achievements. While recital is meant to be an opportunity for our talented students to show off what they can do, it can often be very stressful. To ensure that both you and your dancer enjoys this magical time, we have put together a list of tips and tricks for you.

1.) Practice At Home

Practice, practice, practice! We can’t stress this enough. The number one reason our dancers become nervous on stage is the dreaded fear of messing up. While we know that life would go on if they did a shuffle instead of a paddle, to them, it would mean the end of the world as they know it. So help them feel as confident and prepared as possible!  Working on their dances at home is a great way to keep their dances fresh in their minds throughout the week and allows them to come to class prepared, confident, and ready to learn more! Please ask your child’s teacher the best way for them to be practicing at home.


2.) Be Informed

We love to send out emails! As recital approaches, you will receive a lot of information regarding costume needs, hair requirements, picture dates and information regarding that process, dress rehearsal schedules, and recital call times. We encourage you to read all of this information several times to ensure that you have absorbed everything. We know it can seem overwhelming, but the more informed you are, the less stressed you will be. After you have read all of our information, please know that you can always come to the office or any other Beatniks staff member with questions!


3.) Organize Those Costumes

We can’t stress this enough!  When your costumes are sent home they will be in a garment bag, generally organized by dance number. Help your dancer know what costume goes with what dance, and if there are extra accessories that go with it. I have found it helpful to put any small accessories (hair pieces, belts, gloves) in a Ziploc bag and hang it with the appropriate costume. Also, labeling the bag with the song title is a good idea too. We also encourage you to label EVERYTHING. And we literally mean everything! There are a lot of dancers in our dressing rooms and it’s so easy to get costume pieces mixed up. Once you and your dancer have become familiar with and labeled all of the costumes and accessories, we would highly recommend returning everything back to the garment bag and storing it in a safe place, away from pets. A parent’s closet is usually best! The sooner all of this is done, the better. It will be ready  and waiting when dress rehearsal and the big show rolls around!

Recital is 10 weeks away. While that might seem like a lot of time, it will creep up on you. It creeps up on us every year! These simple tips really will help you and your dancer feel more prepared and less stressed. Please take them into consideration so that when June rolls around, you can kick back and enjoy what is sure to be Beatiniks’ BEST show yet!


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